Business model

miniautomat for free to shops / assets remain property of freshbake
Trial period of 30 days for shops with sales targets 20 units / day
Revenue streams
miniautomat setup fee (per unit installed, one time)
Food parameterisation fee
Sales commission (per meal produced)
Maintenance fee (per meal served)
Advertising income at POS (per unit installed)
Drink promotion (per meal served)
Own premium snack line (ALL NATURAL)

Competitive advantages

Selling hot snack bestsellers by self-service (no extra staff cost!!)
Large variety always freshly heated
From frozen (-18°C) or fresh (5+C) within seconds
Guaranteed hygienic preparation (no manipulation needed)
Autonomous preparation and re-packaging for easy and safe take-away
No food waste
Easy placement (40x40x40cm)
100% recyclable packaging material
Predictive maintenance for continuous operation


Management summary

The global hot snack food bestsellers are pizzas, burgers, paninis and ready made menus, with billions of US Dollars in revenues and steady growth rates.
The shortcomings of serving the consumers today are poor quality and the need of staff and time for the food preparation.

Freshbake developed the miniautomat.

For the first time ever, freshly heated snacks (40 to 90 sec.) prepared by self-service and with tailored parameters can be sold 24/7 for instant serving or take-away.
A proprietary technology platform, comprising a dual heating system combined with a completely automated in & out“ movement and re-packaging process.
Market launch: roll-out in 2016 in Switzerland and future expansion to other geographic markets

Target market

The miniautomat is a technology platform designed for B2B:
We offer a self-serve 24/7 hot snack system that needs no staff
We give to retailers, food producers or distributors business opportunities by offering choice, quality and convenience for freshly prepared hot snacks with an entirely new technology
Our customers can use our platform and packaging to sell their branded snacks and ready made menus on their point of sales
We take care of the operation and maintenance of the equipment, continually improve the technology (software and hardware) and act as a matchmaker and perfect partner for our B2B customers, so they can satisfy the end consumers with unique value propositions.

The hot snack and menu market

The Nielsen global snack survey estimates global sales at 374 billion US Dollars annually (2013-14)
There is a massive untapped opportunity coming from the on-the-go trend for take-away and easy to eat meals – that snack manufacturers could fill!
Convenience is key to deliver the right product to the consumer at the right time – and fast!
Demanding customers: snacks with natural ingredients are rated very important and so is the safety related to nutrition facts and high hygiene.

Extra personnel required to prepare hot snack food (3+ minutes from start to serving)
Low and varying quality of snack food due to heating and keeping warm for hours in food racks
Limited choice of snacks
Loss of unsold products (food waste)
Additional packaging for take-away
Equipment cost between € 5,000 (Electrolux Panini Grill) to € 8’000 (Merry Chef)
High energy consumption of equipment (approx. 5’000 Watt)

Unique selling proposition

Breakthrough with simplicity: “click on packaging“.
Sensor activated scanning of special designed packaging with digitalized tailored parameters.
NEW “in and out“ feeding system
Dual (infrared and microwave) and crisp heating
Reproducible heating quality
High energy efficiency – low energy consumption 1’800 W (plug & play )
The system is many times better then the actual practices
IP protection